Business Continuity

Can you afford the risk of an unforeseen disaster crippling your business?

Emergencies can strike your business at any time, whether it’s a fire, robbery, flood, earthquake, or human error. It’s vital to have a process in place to make sure your business can continue to move initiatives forward, maintain compliance, and keep downtime to a minimum. The answer is Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, a well-planned IT system designed to keep your business running during and after an emergency.

Integrated Technical Solutions can help your Seattle, Bellevue, and Pacific Northwest business prepare for and navigate emergencies. To learn more about our comprehensive Business Continuity solutions, get in touch with us today at (253) 350-2553 or

Why Do You Need Business Continuity?

Without effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery contingencies, your business could suffer devastating consequences as the result of an emergency. Think for a minute about how difficult it would be if you couldn’t access your computers or data for an extended period. Data loss can affect your business’ reputation; leading to loss of business, loss of momentum, and the high costs of re-creating the work that was lost.

What Will A Business Continuity Plan Do For Your Business?

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services can maintain your data and make it available to you no matter what the emergency, simple as that. With Integrated Technical Solutions on your side, you’ll have many benefits, including:

  • Ready For Any Emergency: Integrated Technical Solutions prepares your company for disasters that could affect your business’ IT systems, whether it is a natural occurrence, cybercrime, or human error. Comprehensive security measures, reliable backups, and remote computing keep your data safe, redundant, and available if your business is hit.
  • Disaster Playbook: We design and evaluate a range of scenarios to ensure you are properly protected no matter the situation; this is your Disaster Playbook. Your Playbook is used to dry run plans and procedures to check for understanding and accuracy.
  • Staff Training: Integrated Technical Solutions features expert staff who will handle situations effectively while providing dependable solutions. Part of the Playbook is to train your employees to avoid human error when dealing with sensitive data.
  • Real Time Monitoring: With active monitoring we identify and address threats as they happen to ensure maximum uptime and minimimal negative effects on your business.

If you are only reactive to IT emergencies, it’ll probably be too late. With our help, you can proactively prevent, and effectively respond to disasters that affect your Seattle, Bellevue, and Pacific Northwest business. Contact Integrated Technical Solutions at (253) 350-2553 or today for more information.

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