Construction can be a complicated business; you need innovative solutions to thrive in your industry.

Technology is a key component of innovation and efficiency for most construction businesses; including your web presence, design and engineering, communications with client, staff, vendors, and subcontractors, estimating systems, on-line submittals and quoting, change orders, job-costing, and more. Integrated Technical Solutions has many years of experience supporting technology for Construction businesses of all sizes.

How can Your Construction Business Benefit from Managed Services?

Managed Services are proactive, 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and support services designed to identify and address IT maintenance and security issues before they become problems, moving your business from reactive to more efficient and cost effective proactive support. Integrated Technical Solutions offers managed services that can make your business run smoothly; proactive real-time monitoring, multi-layer security, managed backups, business continuity systems, and guaranteed-response support dedicated to keeping your IT systems up and your staff productive. By choosing proactive IT support today, you’ll save money by avoiding unpredictable IT problems tomorrow.

Get in touch with Integrated Technical Solutions by or (253) 350-2553 to discuss your situation and see how we can enhance your productivity, you system reliability, and your bottom line.

How Will Integrated Technical Solutions’s IT Solutions Help Your Construction Business?

  • Full Service– We offer a complete solution to your IT puzzle. Your IT system involves not only your core technologies such as estimating and job-costing, technology is probably at the core of your communications with clients, suppliers, subcontractors, and staff. Integrated Technical Solutions supports all of your technology-based communications including email, text, voice, computers, laptops, servers, smartphones, fax, landlines, as well as your Internet connectivity and secure remote access. We can ensure secure, dependable communications as well as facilitating the safety of your data, and the continuity of your business.
  • Expert Advice- Making changes to your business technology should be thought through carefully, there is no reason to change what is working well. However if your business has a need we can analyze the problem and advise you on what technology you may want to alter, add, or replace to enhance productivity and reduce costs.
  • Satisfying Support- Dealing with IT problems on a daily basis is not what you signed up for. Integrated Technical Solutions’s support features local, customer oriented, assistance from our team of highly responsive experts, performed remotely or on-site when you need us.

Integrated Technical Solutions has the experience to provide your construction business with solutions for all of your IT needs, allowing you to keep your focus on your projects. To learn more please get in touch with our team at (253) 350-2553 or

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