Email Security

Are you confident the email you send and receive doesn’t contain malware, and is being is read only by your intended recipients?

Many businesses managers don’t realize that their data can be at greatest risk while it’s in transit. Regardless of industry, email is perhaps the most common form of communication with staff, clients, prospects, etc. Given its ubiquity in the workplace today, email is often targeted by hackers to gain inside knowledge, or to infect and access a system.

Take advantage of our unbeatable email security services to ensure that your system can avoid unnecessary and dangerous email. To learn more about what we can do to protect your Seattle, Bellevue, and Pacific Northwest business’ email systems, contact Integrated Technical Solutions at (253) 350-2553 or today.

Why Does Your Business Need Effective Email Security?

Inadequate security measures for your business’ email can have devastating long term affects, including:

  • Loss of Privacy: Email is your preferred means of communicating with your vendors, clients and employees, but if you’re questioning the security measures in place, how can you feel comfortable sharing valuable information? Worrying about who may be reading your email each time you send it is no way to do business.
  • Compromised Data: If you learn that one email has been leaked, there’s no way of knowing how many more already have, or will be. Sensitive data that you or your employees include in email and attachments on a daily basis are only as safe as your email security measures.
  • Untrustworthy Reputation: Clients will often avoid doing business with someone after they’ve been hacked. Would you expect your current business partners to communicate with you via email if they were unsure of its safety? Protection of your email further protects your company’s name and reputation in the business community.

What Does Email Security From Integrated Technical Solutions Mean For Your Business?

Integrated Technical Solutions can ensure comprehensive security for your emails before, during and after being sent with our range of measures and practices, which include:

  • Sophisticated spam filters to keep time-wasting or even dangerous spam emails out of your employee’s inboxes.
  • Top-quality inbound virus blocking capabilities, further protecting you and your employees from incoming threats.
  • Education and further contingencies that account for human error in your workforce.
  • Automatic quarantine procedures for malicious links and attachments before they arrive. These focus on email-based exploits such as phishing and spyware, to remove the possibility that someone in your organization may open a link without considering the dangerous ramifications.
  • Secure email archiving capability so that you have an impeccable record of each and every email in your business.
  • Email encryption measures to ensure that your communication is secured against unwelcome readers while in transit.

Keep your Seattle, Bellevue, and Pacific Northwest business safe with our email security services! Contact Integrated Technical Solutions at (253) 350-2553 or today for more information on how to secure your best means of communication. 

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