IT Services Seattle

IT Services Seattle by Integrated Technical Solutions

Managed Services

IT services Seattle include managed services which are proactive, 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, and support services designed to identify and optimize IT performance and security issues before they become problems, moving your business from reactive to more cost-effective proactive support.

We offer a full range of managed services dedicated to keeping your IT systems optimized at all times and your business running smoothly.

What Does Integrated Technical Solutions Offer In Managed IT Services?

  • Active, Real Time, multi-point monitoring of your IT systems to identify and resolve issues before they affect your productivity.
  • Multi-layered security solutions designed to repel intruders, annihilate malware, and secure your data.
  • Software Update Management to ensure your systems are always up to date, patched, and secure, with the latest updates from Microsoft, Adobe, Google, Firefox, Java and many more.
  • Reliable Backups and Business Continuity with off-site backups for disaster recovery, including critical system imaging for complete restorations, plus on-site backups for quick recovery of lost or overwritten data.
  • Support Desk Services with truly helpful, plain-English, experts who are always available to answer questions quickly and resolve issues remotely, or onsite as needed.

Help Desk Services

Integrated Technical Solutions features local, highly responsive business technology support when and how you need it, from our reliable team of IT experts.

When IT issues cause problems for your business there is nothing worse than waiting hours or even days to hear back from your support provider. Unresolved IT problems often escalate, and can result in a frustrated staff, lost productivity, and ultimately affect your bottom line. At Integrated Technical Solutions we know IT issues can be a serious problem for your business, so we remain easy to contact, responsive, local support when your business needs us.

Does Your Business Have The Quality Help Desk Support It Needs?

At Integrated Technical Solutions, we establish a trusted provider relationship with your business; you can depend on priority support when you need it, whether your staff calls once a day or once a year. You will know how to contact us quickly, who you will be contacting, and what to expect from us.
Business IT issues that are not addressed quickly can result in many problems including:

  • Reputational Damage: Because your IT system is often the basis for delivering the best for your customers, dependable technology ultimately supports your company’s name and reputation in the business community.
  • Lowered Productivity: Your employees can’t be efficient when their computers aren’t working, simple as that. Your productivity takes a hit as your staff struggles to produce and deliver your products without the IT systems they depend on.
  • Higher Costs: When your technology investment isn’t producing for your business your costs rise as your staff struggles to scramble, recover and improvise until your system comes back online.

Integrated Technical Solutions offers highly responsive, expert support to ensure your business can have the best in IT coverage. Contact us at (253) 350-2553 or send us an email at to learn more.

What Will Integrated Technical Solutions’s Help Desk Services Do For Your Business?

Technology problems need to be fixed quickly, questions need to be answered, and that’s exactly what we’ll do. Our help desk services give you:

  • Access to local, knowledgeable, plain-English experts who are able to quickly answer questions and resolve issues remotely, or onsite as needed.
  • Excellent availability via our online ticketing system, by phone, or email, which means you always have access to the help you need.
  • Brief explanations of the situation and solutions in easy-to-understand terms to help you know what is happening, how we’ll fix it, and how to prevent it in the future.
  • Comprehensive support for your entire technology system; including Office support, remote access, printing, email, fax, phones, connectivity, servers, desktops, laptops, security, and much more.

Virtual CIO Services

Does your business have the expert IT guidance you need to plan effectively for the future?

With each step your Seattle business takes in becoming a more developed and profitable operation, you should be confident that your IT system can stay ahead of your growth. One-off IT consultations can be expensive and produce inconsistent results and without the appropriate advice, your technology may fail to meet the needs of the next stage of your business.

Integrated Technical Solutions is proud to offer Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) services. As your vCIO, Integrated Technical Solutions will build on the relationship with your company, study your business and advise you on how technology initiatives and outcomes can affect your bottom line. For more information about Business Consulting services, including vCIO service, get in touch with us today at (253) 350-2553 or

How Does A vCIO Help Your Company?

With Integrated Technical Solutions as your vCIO, you will enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Tailored Consultations: Prior to offering recommendations for improvements, we analyze your existing technology and your business processes. By learning specifically what you need out of your IT system now, and in the future, we can ensure the best possible recommendation for the next initiatives you are considering undertaking.
  • Plan For The Long-Term: We develop IT plans that take into account your budget, projections, customer and employee needs, and business goals to guarantee that your IT infrastructure can always support the changes your company undergoes well into the future.
  • One Convenient Rate: By fulfilling this position through our vCIO service, you save money and benefit from an easy to budget fixed monthly rate. You save money by avoiding the expenditures that come with an actual executive employee.

What Will You Gain From a vCIO?

By looking forward with the right technical expertise and experience on hand, you can confidently chart your business’ future instead of undertaking unknown risks and hoping for the best. Your Integrated Technical Solutions vCIO can help your business in many ways, including:

  • Consultation On Emerging Technology Trends: New technology applications are hitting the market every year, and without the right perspective your business could fall behind. Your vCIO will help you understand how the latest and greatest in technology, such as Cloud Computing, Virtualization, and Mobile Platforms, can enhance your business.
  • Optimal IT: Tomorrow quickly becomes today; when you plan effectively, you’re ensuring that you’re prepared in the present as well. Soon after an Integrated Technical Solutions vCIO joins your operation, you’ll see the benefits of good advice and proper IT planning take effect in your business’ daily operation.
  • Reduced IT Expenditure: By looking forward, Integrated Technical Solutions can help reduce your costs and accurately equip your business with just the technology you need to succeed, without wasting money for IT gimmicks that don’t produce results.

Cloud Services

What is “The Cloud” and what can it do for your business?

Cloud computing can boost worker productivity and protect your sensitive business data from being lost in disaster scenarios. In simple terms, the “Cloud” is the availability of secure servers via the Internet, where you can store data, run your programs, and in certain scenarios even do your computing via your Internet connection on your laptop or smartphone. Many companies are implementing services through the Cloud to gain more than just mobility. Cloud-based solutions are shortening the technology gap between small and large companies by enabling all users to leverage enterprise-grade solutions.
To learn more about how the Cloud can make your business work better, get in touch with us at (253) 350-2553 or send us an email at today.

What Can Integrated Technical Solutions’ Cloud Solutions Do For Your Business?

Our team provides guidance and implementation to make sure that your business makes a smooth transition to the Cloud and that you’re getting the most from Cloud services. With Cloud services from Integrated Technical Solutions, you gain:

  • Physical Reduction – If it’s time to upgrade, you should evaluate utilizing hosted servers in the Cloud. Businesses of all sizes often save money and space by thoughtful, well-planned use the Cloud.
  • Mobility: The Cloud gives your business the ability to securely access resources from many different devices as long as you have Internet access, regardless of your location. This convenience leads to higher productivity among staff members who work at home or on the road.
  • Cost Effectiveness: The Cloud presents an opportunity to save in overhead that which might otherwise be spent on purchasing new hardware and software.
  • Customization: Not every business has the same IT and storage needs, we work with you to plan a Cloud solution that’s designed for your circumstances.
  • Secure File Storage: Integrated Technical Solutions ensures that your stored files are equipped with industry-leading security and accessibility features. You can rest easy knowing your data is safe, and still accessible to you and those you work with.
  • Secure File Sharing in the Cloud: Integrated Technical Solutions can provide your business with secure file sharing capability that allows your staff to collaborate, share and revise information with greater ease from any location.
  • Hosted Solutions: With hosted servers, desktops, applications, and data with Integrated Technical Solutions in the Cloud, you can benefit from reduced on-site hardware, software, and maintenance. Instead of keeping costly and space-consuming servers on-site, you can have them hosted virtually in the Cloud.

Business Continuity

Can you afford the risk of an unforeseen disaster crippling your business?

Emergencies can strike your business at any time, whether it’s a fire, robbery, flood, earthquake, or human error. It’s vital to have a process in place to make sure your business can continue to move initiatives forward, maintain compliance, and keep downtime to a minimum. The answer is Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, a well-planned IT system designed to keep your business running during and after an emergency.

Integrated Technical Solutions can help your Seattle business prepare for and navigate emergencies. To learn more about our comprehensive Business Continuity solutions, get in touch with us today at (253) 350-2553 or

Why Do You Need Business Continuity?

Without effective Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery contingencies, your business could suffer devastating consequences as the result of an emergency. Think for a minute about how difficult it would be if you couldn’t access your computers or data for an extended period. Data loss can affect your business’ reputation; leading to loss of business, loss of momentum, and the high costs of re-creating the work that was lost.

What Will A Business Continuity Plan Do For Your Business?

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services can maintain your data and make it available to you no matter what the emergency, simple as that. With Integrated Technical Solutions on your side, you’ll have many benefits, including:

  • Ready For Any Emergency: Integrated Technical Solutions prepares your company for disasters that could affect your business’ IT systems, whether it is a natural occurrence, cybercrime, or human error. Comprehensive security measures, reliable backups, and remote computing keep your data safe, redundant, and available if your business is hit.
  • Disaster Playbook: We design and evaluate a range of scenarios to ensure you are properly protected no matter the situation; this is your Disaster Playbook. Your Playbook is used to dry run plans and procedures to check for understanding and accuracy.
  • Staff Training: Integrated Technical Solutions features expert staff who will handle situations effectively while providing dependable solutions. Part of the Playbook is to train your employees to avoid human error when dealing with sensitive data.
  • Real Time Monitoring: With active monitoring, we identify and address threats as they happen to ensure maximum uptime and minimal negative effects on your business.

Network Security

Is your business technology secured against digital threats?

Cybercrime is an ever-present threat to modern businesses. Without up-to-date and layered security measures, hackers can compromise your data and harm your systems, resulting in chaos, loss of reputation, and very costly downtime. Small businesses in the Seattle area should be especially wary of cybercriminals; as often as not small business is the target of cybercriminals on the assumption that there will be less effective IT security measures in place. The easy availability of sophisticated hacking tools makes every business a target, and the odds are good that your system is being scanned for vulnerabilities right now.

Integrated Technical Solutions takes network security seriously. We analyze your network systems, make recommendations, implement safeguards, and train your staff in best practices to keep your network safe. To learn more, please call us at (253) 350-2553 or send us an email at

Your Business Needs Comprehensive Security Measures

Inadequate network security can result in serious consequences for your Seattle business, including:

  • Data Theft: If your network is compromised, the integrity of your company’s information will immediately be called into question.Whether it’s your employees’ personal information or the financial records of your customers, insufficient security can leave it all vulnerable to external threats.
  • Brand Reputation: The last thing your business needs is to be known as a victim of cybercrime. No matter what kind of damage control you attempt after a successful hack, your company’s brand will never be the same, affecting your image, potential, and profitability.
  • Costs: A vulnerable network is an expensive network. The cost of damage control, loss of business, and potential fines for regulation & compliance specific to your industry will only add to your troubles long after your network has been hacked.

What Does Digital Security Do For Your Business?

Integrated Technical Solutions provides comprehensive, layered security measures to address vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. Security should be an asset to your business, and not a hindrance to your productivity. With proper implementation, digital security protects your business from digital threats without slowing down you or your staff.

  • Technologies: We evaluate and remediate your current technologies including; anti-malware and intrusion detection, content security, identity management, firewalls, device compliance, and secure remote access.
  • Digital Assets: We identify and protect your digital assets: employee records, customer records, accounting records, intellectual property; and we’ll help you understand who has access and why they need it.
  • Security Policies: We create a comprehensive framework for your security including policies for acceptable use of your assets, management of your communications, user identity management, and password policies, encryption, and remote access policies.
  • Guidance: We provide guidance on your business security related to the evolution of your business plan.

Email Security

Are you confident the email you send and receive doesn’t contain malware and is being read only by your intended recipients?

Many businesses managers don’t realize that their data can be at greatest risk while it’s in transit. Regardless of industry, email is perhaps the most common form of communication with staff, clients, prospects, etc. Given its ubiquity in the workplace today, email is often targeted by hackers to gain inside knowledge or to infect and access a system.

Take advantage of our unbeatable email security services to ensure that your system can avoid unnecessary and dangerous email. To learn more about what we can do to protect your Seattle business’ email systems, contact Integrated Technical Solutions at (253) 350-2553 or today.

Why Does Your Business Need Effective Email Security?

Inadequate security measures for your business’ email can have devastating long-term effects, including:

  • Loss of Privacy: Email is your preferred means of communicating with your vendors, clients, and employees, but if you’re questioning the security measures in place, how can you feel comfortable sharing valuable information? Worrying about who may be reading your email each time you send it is no way to do business.
  • Compromised Data: If you learn that one email has been leaked, there’s no way of knowing how much more already have, or will be. Sensitive data that you or your employees include in email and attachments on a daily basis are only as safe as your email security measures.
  • Untrustworthy Reputation: Clients will often avoid doing business with someone after they’ve been hacked. Would you expect your current business partners to communicate with you via email if they were unsure of its safety? Protection of your email further protects your company’s name and reputation in the business community.

What Does Email Security From Integrated Technical Solutions Mean For Your Business?

Integrated Technical Solutions can ensure comprehensive security for your emails before, during and after being sent with our range of measures and practices, which include:

  • Sophisticated spam filters to keep time-wasting or even dangerous spam emails out of your employee’s inboxes.
  • Top-quality inbound virus blocking capabilities, further protecting you and your employees from incoming threats.
  • Education and further contingencies that account for human error in your workforce.
  • Automatic quarantine procedures for malicious links and attachments before they arrive. These focus on email-based exploits such as phishing and spyware, to remove the possibility that someone in your organization may open a link without considering the dangerous ramifications.
  • Secure email archiving capability so that you have an impeccable record of each and every email in your business.
  • Email encryption measures to ensure that your communication is secured against unwelcome readers while in transit.

How Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

It may seem difficult to separate a great IT partner from the average provider, but for us the distinction is clear. Tenacity, discipline, proven processes, and vision, coupled with expert support and guidance are the benchmarks of a great Managed Services Provider (MSP). Integrated Technical Solutions will create a comprehensive plan to ensure that your technology performs when and how you need it. We also provide guidance to ensure your investments in technology are aligned with your business objectives. Our plan gives your business the ability to leverage technology, optimize productivity, and ultimately deliver the best to your customers.

For more information about our IT services Seattle plans and what they can do for your Seattle company, contact Integrated Technical Solutions today at (253) 350-2553 or

Do you deal with an information technology service company that won’t take the time to understand what you need?

Is this helping your business meet its obligations, priorities, and goals? Of course not and this is why Integrated Technical Solutions stands apart from all other IT companies in the Puget Sound area.

Our values are immediate service focused on your needs, attention to detail, and doing everything we can to help your business become more productive and we are miles ahead of the competition. When you call on us you can depend on:

  • Proactive Services– Integrated Technical Solutions will evaluate your IT requirements and make the most efficient use of your technology resources, bring your costs down, and eliminate the root causes of costly outages before they occur.
  • Expert Evaluations – Integrated Technical Solutions consultants will talk with you and your staff to quickly identify the fine points of your business processes and then apply many years of business technology experience to offer you solutions. Our service and solutions are based on accumulated knowledge that we have earned over the years serving clients in businesses like yours.
  • Fast Responses Guaranteed – Integrated Technical Solutions guarantees to provide a prompt response to all your service and support needs, and that all work is done correctly. We respond to your support requests within 1 hour, and normally we respond immediately with no waiting.
  • Plain English Solutions – Integrated Technical Solutions delivers solutions to you in plain English that are on time and on budget and we do so with minimal interruption so you and your staff can make the best use of your valuable time.
  • Single Source – We are a one-stop solution provider for all things IT for our clients. We have the breadth and depth of knowledge to support any small to medium business IT system that our clients have or will need in the future. Our clients trust and depend on us for all their IT needs because technology is one piece of their business puzzle they don’t need to solve themselves. We take great pride in teaming with you to create a highly productive environment for your staff.

Don’t settle for average!

Call Integrated Technical Solutions today at (253) 350-2553 or email us at and let our superior quality of service help your business thrive!

Whether you need expert support for existing technology systems, a major upgrade, or anything in between.

Your business will benefit from Integrated Technical Solutions’ team of experts who offer an expansive range of helpful technical expertise and business knowledge.

As a trusted IT provider, Integrated Technical Solutions looks for innovative ways to help our client-partners thrive. We’ve been working side by side with our clients for over 15 years, delivering responsive, knowledgeable, customer-centric support to businesses like yours. To put it in perspective, that’s seven years before you got your first iPhone, and during this time we’ve successfully rolled-out and managed many different business technologies. We understand the pain points that managers and business owners encounter on a daily basis. Our services are designed to increase your productivity, eliminate downtime, maximize your investment, and improve your overall operations.

Here is just a sample of the services and technologies we offer:

  • Remote Managed Services– monitoring and maintaining your systems 24/7
  • Comprehensive Cyber Security– protection at the perimeter of your network
  • Email management– email filtering to eliminate malware and control spam
  • Microsoft and Linux Servers– domain controllers and application hosts
  • Microsoft and Apple computers– desktop and laptop support for your staff
  • Internet based phones– Voice over Internet Protocol
  • Wired and Wireless Internet access– the best service providers and protocols
  • Mobile computing– supporting laptops, smart phones, tablets
  • Cloud based systems– secure remote servers and services

Don’t settle for anything less than the best IT services for your Seattle business, contact Integrated Technical Solutions at or (253) 350-2553 today.

Why Does Your Business Need Expert Technology Support?

Choosing the average IT support provider assumes a number of risks. Support providers who lack true understanding of the technology they work with will, at best, provide only the most basic support solutions. For example, while they may understand PCs and Macs, will they be able to address how computer technology can enhance your business work flow, or how to optimize your industry specific software systems? Our understanding of the technology, as well as how that technology can enhance your business, is the foundation of our credentials as a premium support provider.

Unlike other IT companies who provide generic services and fail to deliver ideal support, we deliver superior service backed by deep technical and business expertise. We’re proud to boast a skilled and reliable team that provides our clients with expert technical care and people-oriented support. Our experience is your gain – you get peace of mind knowing that you have a highly capable team who’s focused on what is best for your business.

We are ready to help your business leverage the full power of innovative technology to improve your workflow. With our wide range of expertise, we can devise optimal solutions for your business technology needs.

Get in touch with Integrated Technical Solutions to discuss our technical expertise and how our skilled and reliable team of experts can help your business thrive. Contact us today at or (253) 350-2553 for more information about superior IT support in the Seattle area.

Businesses depend on their Information Technology so they need dependable support with fast response times.

Integrated Technical Solutions lives and breathes responsive, dependable support, and has developed an efficient support process to quickly identify and resolve issues as they arise.

For information on our support process, please call us at (253) 350-2553 or send an email at

Our dynamic support process places our best resources at your service. Here is the process we follow to resolve your service request:

  1. If you have an IT issue send an email to our support desk. If you can’t send an email, please call us.
  2. You will receive immediate confirmation of your request; the resolution process has begun.
  3. The request is immediately assigned to a skilled technician for initial investigation.
  4. You will be kept up to date on progress through email, as well as when a resolution has been achieved.
  5. Any questions or concerns that you have throughout the process can be expressed by responding to the confirmation and will be answered by your technician.

Integrated Technical Solutions takes great pride in offering support that you can depend on, and guarantees a satisfactory result. For any inquiries about the support process, please get in touch at

Talk to us today about our dynamic support process and how our services can help ensure your business technology is always performing optimally. Contact us at (253) 350-2553 or email us directly at

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