Pioneer Recycling Services Trusts ITS to Advise, Implement, and Support their Start Up and Business Operations. 

Primarily focused on sourcing and supplying high-quality recyclables to global manufacturers, Pioneer Recycling Services was in need of a full-service IT Company to manage their start-up phase and support their business going forward. Pioneer’s startup consisted of purchasing a pair of functioning recycling facilities and in doing so they inherited existing IT systems that had to be assimilated, and at the same time in some aspects continue to be integrated with the seller’s mainframe data system for a period of time. Integrated Technical Solutions brought extensive business and technology experience, the necessary focus and dedicated service to the situation; supplying innovative solutions to help Pioneer through this difficult transition period.

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A startup or business in transition has to be particularly careful with planning and decision making – including whom to trust with its Information Technology. Poor IT advice can leave a company facing major communication and data resource challenges, resulting in loss of confidence from suppliers and customers.

Pioneer Recycling Services needed A Full-Service IT Company to Advise, Plan and Implement a Comprehensive Technology Strategy

Pioneer Recycling Services was in the process of pulling together the building blocks of the business and Steve Frank – President and CEO – knew he was in need of an experienced full-service IT Company to advise and implement the technology system.

Mr. Frank discusses how crucial staying connected is to their business, saying, “We move a lot of data and we communicate a lot through the internet and our computers. If we don’t have our computers and stay connected to the internet, we can’t do business.”

Integrated Technical Solutions installed a single connected server to manage both of Pioneer facilities, as well as facilitating Pioneer Recycling Services’ scale and accounting systems. Along with day to day support during a complicated transition, they also managed moving Pioneer’s accounting and data systems to in-house solutions for improved administration and control.

Along with this, Integrated Technical Solutions implemented many other solutions, including:

  • Installation of Unified Threat Management Firewalls for perimeter security and secure VPN between the sites.
  • Facilitating secure remote access for the Executive team
  • Reconfiguring Internet connections from expensive T1 to lower cost, higher speed systems.

The Outcome: Increased Efficiency & Better Results through the partnership of Pioneer’s dedicated Staff and Integrated Technical Solutions.

Since working with Integrated Technical Solutions, Pioneer Recycling Services has the technology they need and the IT support they require. They have noticed major benefits with Integrated Technical Solutions handling everything from desktop support, vendor management, and system implementation and monitoring, to consulting on future systems.

Steve Frank CEO, expresses the company’s appreciation to Jeff Merrill, Founder of Integrated Technical Solutions: “He was a quick study who mastered our business model quickly, and understood what was needed after giving him guidance regarding where we wanted to go. He’s the kind of guy that goes out and gets it done, with very low maintenance. He could take a very complicated problem and turn it into its essential key points”.

He continues, “. . . Once we have a plan, he goes out and gets it done. He’ll work day, night, weekends, and deliver the results with very little oversight on my part. When you’re starting a new company, it’s very important for all the resources at your fingertips to get it like Jeff can get it done without me having to be heavily involved.”

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